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Diana Jankiewicz


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About the designer

Diana Jankiewicz

She perfected her skills while studying at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and working for Richard Nicoll in London. In 2013, she returned to Poland and launched her own brand under her name. The first collection already announced the direction in which Diana is heading now - a fascination with femininity, a passion for quality tailoring, non-obvious design solutions. Analog frames captured by the designer during trips into nature or city walks provide inspiration for work on collections. Diana's work was honored with the Blickfang Design Award in Vienna and Hush Selected in Warsaw.

Taking a break from the brand and joining the family business in 2018, where she led the creative team, gave Diana space to develop in other areas. However, in 2023 she decided to return to fashion design. The 'Thank you for your patience' collection is the culmination of an important journey the designer has followed in her search for her own artistic and professional expression.

Diana's flagship product remains the coat. Improving its construction and using unique fabrics connects all previous collections.

Working with fabrics is my favorite part of design. I pay special attention to the selection of high-quality, natural materials, thanks to which my designs can be worn with pleasure for many seasons.

From clients

The clothes of your design are the most permanent parts of my wardrobe, great quality and I know I will use them for years. And when I go to meetings in London, everyone always compliments me!


Your clothes are absolutely timeless and take a special place in your wardrobe! The navy blue wool coat is an absolute hit. In terms of material, cut, style and workmanship!


I have a coat from you that I have been wearing for years. It's my best thing in my wardrobe.


First time out in a navy blue coat and 2 strangers asked where I bought it :)


This thick, beautiful wool, beautiful color, the cut is so refined for me, I am delighted with the functionality of the lapels and simplicity. Sometimes, for a sense of variety, I try to wear something different in the morning, but the second thing ends up on the hanger and I jump back into the navy blue coat.


The collections are sewn in my Warsaw studio and in specialized local sewing workshops. I am sure of the highest quality and that the product you are ordering was made in good conditions.

They wrote about us

Diana Jankiewicz caught my attention. Her clothes, carefully sewn from natural fabrics, are characterized by modesty. This is a feature quite unusual in the local fashion, which loves fireworks.

Joanna Bojańczyk

Diana has set the bar very high for herself since the first season. No compromises, commercialism, quantity over quality.

With such a coat you can quickly and effectively combat the monotony in your wardrobe.

Paulina Klepacz