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Merino Woolmark scarves

Scarf made of 100% Merino wool with the Woolmark certificate
Country of origin of the fabric: Austria
Country of origin of wool fiber: Australia

The fabric from which the scarf was made is loden - a material whose history dates back several centuries. Originally from Austrian Tyrol, it is made of natural wool fibers, tightly twisted and felted. It is characterized by a velvet finish and very good air permeability - the skin wrapped in such a fabric will breathe. The compact structure ensures high resistance to cold and wind. It is not without reason that loden was used by mountaineers, and it is also often found in the folk costumes of the inhabitants of the Tyrolean mountains.
The Loden we use in the collection is produced by an Austrian family factory with a 130-year tradition. Delicate merino wool fibers were used for its production, which made the fabric even softer and refined.
Wool fibers were obtained ethically and safely for sheep - mulesing free.